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Noodl is a low code web app builder that will have you creating applications faster and smarter. It's a visual development environment that you don't need any previous coding skills to start learning. It's also great for developers who already know how to code as you can easily mix in JavaScript when appropriate.

Building User Interfaces

Visual nodes

Learn how to to place and edit visual elements using Noodls node model


Learn how to create visual components that are reusable


Learn how to create layouts and group content using visual nodes

Style Variants

Learn how to define style variants for visual elements

Visual States

Learn how to style hover, focused, and other visual states on UI elements

States Node

Learn how to use the States node to create UI states, animations and more

Scrolling Content

Learn how to set up scrolling containers and pages


Get pre-made components, third-party-services, and new capabilities with modules

Figma Plugin

Turn designs in Figma into Noodl nodes

Working with data

Making Connections

Learn how to make data connections between nodes.


Learn how to store data locally in your app using variables


Learn how to store objects of data locally in your app


Learn how to store multiple objects of data using arrays

Lists Basics

Learn how to generate lists of UI elements from data

UI Controls and data

Learn how connect UI Controls to data nodes to create forms and more

External Data

Learn how to work with external data using REST APIs


Basic Navigation

Learn how to create pages and how to navigate between them

Multi Level Navigation

Learn how to set up a multi-level-navigation system

Encoding Parameters in URLs

Learn how to pass parameters in the URL when navigating between page


Learn how to display popups on user interactions

Component Stack

Learn how to create a wizard flow using a Component Stack

Working with cloud data

Creating a backend

Learn how to set up a backend for your App, to store and read persistant data

Creating a class

Learn how to create a class for storing data records in a backend

Creating new database records

Learn how to store a data Record in a backend

Quering records from a database

Learn how to query record from a database to your app

Updating records

Learn how to update existing records in a database

Filter database queries

Learn how to filter database queries

Record relations

Learn how to create relations between records in a database

Access Control

learn how to limit access control to records to certain users.

Building business logic

Client Side Business Logic with Nodes

Learn how to work with logic nodes for your frontend

Javascript in Noodl

Learn how to use Javascript in Noodl and combine nodes with code

Client Side Business Logic with Javascript

Learn how to use Javascript for custom logic

Custom UI Components

Learn how to create your own re-usable components


Learn how to work with events in Noodl


Learn how to connect Noodl to Zapier for task automation more

User Management

Learn how to use Noodls built in User Management nodes to create signup flows and more


Version Control

Learn how to use Noodls powerful version control features based on Git

Deploying and hosting apps

Sandbox Deploy

Learn how to deploy your app to a Noodl sandbox domain

Deploying to custom domains

Learn how to deploy your app to custom domains

Using a self hosted backend

Learn how to create a self hosted backend through a Docker Container

Deploying to iOS and Android

Learn how to deploy your project as a native app

Self hosting your Noodl Frontend

Learn how to deploy your project to a local folder for Self Hosting

Deploying as a micro frontend

Learn how to deploy your app as a micro frontend, part of a container application.

All videos

Using the Noodl Figma plugin

This video shows how to use the Noodl Figma plugin.


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Using the sign-up template

Learn how to make a complete sign-up flow, including email setup for account validation and password recovery.


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Tab Navigation Template

Learn how to build a tab menu that let's the user navigate between different pages.


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Star Rating Component

Learn how to build an animated star rating component from scratch.


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