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Modules allow you to extend Noodl by installing new core nodes to use in your app. They are often used for third party integrations or complex UI.

Learn how to add a module to your project here, or how you can extend Noodl yourself by building your own module with JavaScript or TypeScript here.

All modules

PDF Viewer

A UI component for rendering PDFs from an URL.


Use this module to add maps and location visualisations to your app.


A module with components to build charts.

Google Sheets

Use your google sheets as a data source for your applications.


A module to help quering data using GraphQL.

QR Scanner

Scan QR codes from camera or images.

Custom HTML

Write your own HTML and pass values to it with template strings. Useful for embeds.

Simple Tooltips

Add simple tooltips to your Noodl App.


Add a marquee container to your Noodl App.

Form Validation

A utility node that makes different kind of form validation easier.

Material Icons

The latest material icon set library.

Font Awesome Brands

The Font Awesome 6 brand icon library.

Font Awesome Solid

The Font Awesome 6 solid icon library.


Use Markdown in Noodl and style it with CSS.


A module with components to build avatars.

Image Cropper

Image Cropper Module. Mainly intended for cropping profile pictures.

Panning and Zooming Control

A control that implements a pan and zoom view on large images.

i18next Translation

A module for using i18next in Noodl.

MQTT Module

Send and receive messages over the MQTT protocol in web apps.

Shake Detector

A small module to detect a device shake with the accelerometer.

Google Analytics

Track user behavior with Google Analytics.


A module for using Lottie animations in Noodl.

Web Camera

Support for accessing the camera in web apps.

Parse Cloud Function

Call Parse Platform cloud functions.

Geospatial Analysis

A module for using Turf.js to making it easy to working with GeoJSON.

Data Context

Share data between all child components.