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The Response node is used to complete a cloud function and return the result to the client. There can be many Response nodes in a cloud function and they can either return a Success or Failure result.

The response is sent when a signal is received on the Send input. You can specify if it's a successful or failed result in the properties using the Status property.

If the status is Failure you can provide an error message that will be returned to the calling Cloud Function node.

If the status is Success you can provide a number of result parameters that will be returned to the calling client Cloud Function as outputs.


StatusSpecifies if this is a successful or failed response, Success or Failure that will be sent to the calling client when the Send signal is received.
Error MessageIf this Response node have a Failure status you can provide an error message using this property that will be sent back to the client and the calling Cloud Function node.


You can add parameters using the properties of this node, if the Status is set to Success. Parameters will show up when using the Cloud Function node as outputs. When the Send signal is received on a Response node it will send back the result parameters which will be emitted on the outputs of the cloud function node that made the call.