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This node places an icon in the visual tree.

You can use an icon from the built in library, or provide your own image source.

Dynamic icons

If you want to dynamically pass an icon from the icon library to the Icon node you do this through the Icon Source input.

This input expects an object with a class (being the name of the icon library) and code (being the icon code that you see when you hover an icon in the icon picker). The easiest way of transforming a string to an icon object is to use a custom function containing the following code:

Outputs.iconObject = {
"class": "material-icons",
"code": Inputs.iconCode,

This will automatically create an iconCode input and an iconObject output.


TypeUse this to set if you want to use a predefined icon or a custom image from the project folder.
Icon SourceWhere to get the icon.
SizeThe width of the icon in px.
ColorSets the color of the icon. Only visible if Type is set to icon.


This node supports the following Visual Input Properties:


This node supports the following Visual Output Properties:

@include "../shared-props/inputs/" @include "../shared-props/outputs/"