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This node places a circle (or a circle segment) in the visual tree. It features a wide range of design options.


SizeSpecifies the size of the Circle in pixels.
Start AngleThe start angle of the Circle segment.
End AngleThe end angle of the Circle segment.
FillSpecify whether the Cirlce should be filled or not.
Fill ColorSpecify the fill color.
StrokeEnables the stroke of the Circle.
Stroke WidthSets the width of the Circle stroke.
Stroke ColorSets the stroke color of the Circle stroke.
Line CapSpecifies what kind of cap there will be on the circle stroke.

Butt: A direct cut, not rounded end of the circle stroke.
Round: A round end to the circle stroke.


This node supports the following Visual Input Properties:


Many of the UI nodes share the same outputs. Please refer to the Visual Output Properties documentation.

This node supports the following properties:

@include "../shared-props/inputs/" @include "../shared-props/outputs/"