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Mapbox Map

This node adds a map to the visual tree, using Mapbox. The map can be both interactive and static.



StyleA path to a Mapbox Style.


InteractiveEnable / Disable any interactions
Anti-aliasEnable anti-alias


LongitudeSets the current active longitude.
LatitudeSets the current active latitude.
ZoomSets the current active zoom.
BearingSets the current active bearing.


Center on userCenter the map on the user location, this only works with Geolocate enabled.

Controls - Fullscreen

Enable FullscreenEnable the fullscreen control.
Fullscreen PositionChange the control position.

Controls - Geocoder

Enable GeocoderEnable the Geocoder control.
Geocoder PositionChange the control position.
PlaceholderSets the placeholder in the search field.
Show MarkerShow a marker of the search result location.

Controls - Geolocate

Enable GeolocateEnable the Geolocate control.
Geolocate PositionChange the control position.
Show Accuracy CircleShow the accuracy circle of the user position.
Show User HeadingShow the user heading.
Show User LocationShow user location.
Track User LocationTrack the user location.

Controls - Navigation

Enable NavigationEnable the Navigation control.
Navigation PositionChange the control position.
Show CompassShow the compass button in the control.
Show ZoomShow the plus and minus buttons in the control.
Visualize PitchVisualize the pitch in the compass.

Controls - Scale

Enable ScaleEnable the Scale control.
Scale PositionChange the control position.
Max WidthSets the max width of the control.
UnitSets the unit the control should display.

Controls - Mapbox Draw

Enable Mapbox DrawEnable the Mapbox Draw control.
Mapbox Draw PositionChange the control position.
Enable Draw KeybindingsEnable Keybindings.
Enable Draw TouchEnable Touch inputs.
Enable Draw Box SelectEnable Box Select.
Display Draw ControlsShow the Mapbox Draw controls.

Controls - Mapbox Draw - Controls

PointsShow the point button.
Line StringShow the line string button.
PolygonShow the polygon button.
TrashShow the trash button.
Combine FeaturesShow the combine features button.
Uncombine FeaturesShow the uncombine features button.


(Coordinates) LongitudeThe current active longitude.
(Coordinates) LatitudeThe current active latitude.
(Coordinates) ZoomThe current zoom level of the map
(Coordinates) BearingThe current active bearing.
(Map Clicked) LongitudeThe longitude that where the user clicked last. To be used with the Click signal.
(Map Clicked) LatitudeThe latitude that where the user clicked last. o be used with the Click signal.
WidthThe with of the map container.
HeightThe height of the map container.
Screen Position XThe amount of pixels between the left side of the window and the left side of the map container.
Screen Position YThe amount of pixels between the top of the window and the top side of the map container.
Mapbox ObjectGet the Mapbox object.
Mapbox Draw ObjectGet the Mapbox Draw object.
ClickSends a signal when the map is clicked.
Map LoadedSends a signal when the map has finished loading, after it has been mounted in the app.
Map MovedSends a signal after the map in view has been moved.
Did MountSends a signal when the map has been rendered in the app, before the map has been loaded.
Will UnmountSends a signal before the map will be removed from the visual tree.