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Node Reference

The main building blocks of Noodl are nodes. Every node has its own specific purpose and is very simple in itself, but together they become really powerful. Here you will find an overview of all Core Nodes, their type and category.

Noodl can also be extended with Modules that give you more nodes to build with. Check out the Module library for the ones that already exist, or the Extending Noodl section to learn how to develop your own.

Node colors

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All the nodes in Noodl are color coded to make it easier to visually navigate the Node Canvas.

Visual nodes
Data nodes
Custom code nodes
Logic nodes
Connection nodes

UI Elements

These nodes make up all of the visuals of your app. Put them in your node tree whenever you want to render an element on the screen. These nodes also support Variants and States.

Navigation & Popups

These nodes cover all your navigation needs, everyting from URL and hash based navigation to component replacement. You can either use them to reroute the user to a different views or render content on top of the current view in modals.

Logic & Utilities

Component Utilities

One of the core concepts in Noodl is the ability to create your own reusable components. Here are nodes that help you manage how data passes through them.

Read & Write Data

Custom Code

Even though most problems can be solved with Noodl's built in base nodes, it's nice to have options for those specific situations that require code. After all, text based coding is quite fun too.

Cloud Functions