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Remove Record Relation

This node is used to remove a relation between two records, the owning record and the target record.

One record is the owning record (in this case Group records that can have a relation to many Post records), it should have a Relation type property.

You need to provide the Id of the owning record. You also need to provide the Id of the record that you want to add a relation to, this is the Target Record Id input.

Finally, send a signal to Do to perform the action.


ClassThe Class of the owning record where you want to remove the relation from.
IdSpecify the Id of the record that you want to use as the owning record to remove an existing relation from. This input is only valid if Id Source is set to Specify explicitly.
RelationYou need to choose the Relation property of the owning class to use when removing the relation.
Target Record IdThis input should be connected to the Id of the target record that have an existing relation to the owning record via the Relation property that should be removed.

An Id of a record is needed to perform the action of this node:

Id SourceThe Id Soure property specifies how this Id is retrieved, the options are:

Specify explicitly: This means you need to specify the Id of the record explicitly through e.g. a connection to the Id input.
From repeater: This means that the Id for the record will be derived from a repeater. This option is only valid if the component this node is placed in is created by a repeater. Then this node will act on the repeater object that this component was created for.
DoWhen a signal is received on this input the relation will be removed in the backend, if it exists.


IdThis is the Id of the owning record. It is simply a mirror of the Id input.
ErrorThe error message in case something went wrong when attempting to remove the relation in the backend.
SuccessA signal is sent on this output when the relation has been removed successfully in the backend.
FailureA signal is sent on this output if something went wrong when removing the relation in the backend. The error message will be outputed on the Error output.