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Avatar Module

This module allows you to add avatars to your Noodl App.


In this module, there are a few nodes, which include:

Avatar Node

This node is written using the SDK and gives you all the options to modify the style of the avatar.

Avatar Group

This is a simple node that takes in an array of objects. It makes a few modifications to the array like taking only x amount of items and then sending that into a Repeater node, using the Avatar Group Item component.

Items input:

Text: 'AA',
Image: 'avatars/avatar-n4KewLKFOZw.jpg',
Text: 'AA',
Image: 'avatars/avatar-TW_z_iUD_bQ.jpg',

Avatar Group Item

A node that maps the inputs from the Avatar Group into what should be used on the Avatar node.

[Logic] Name Abbreviation

Converts a full name to 2 characters. For example:

Input: "John Doe"
Output: "JD"