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This node enables you to add simpler custom JavaScript to your application.

Runs the Javascript:

  • When any inputs are updated (if "Run" is not connected to anything)
  • When "Run" is called

The code runs from top to bottom. For more complex custom JavaScript with multiple executon paths and extended control you should use the Script node.

The most basic way to use the node is as an expression, any time the inputs are changed the script is run and the outputs are updated. E.g. the example above can be used as shown below.

Custom inputs and outputs

In your function script you can use the Inputs and Outputs object and any properties of these objects that you use in your script will automatically create input and outputs ports. So the following script:

Outputs.FullName = Inputs.FirstName + " " + Inputs.LastName;

Will create the output FullName and the inputs FirstName and LastName. Another option is to explicitly specify the inputs and outputs in the properties of the node. This will allow you to explicitly specify the types of the inputs and outputs. This can be especially useful if the node is connected to Component Inputs or Component Outputs.

Signal outputs

If you want to send a signal from your Function script you can use an output as a function instead of assigning it a value.

if (Inputs.Test === true) {
} else {

The code above will automatically create two outputs TestIsTrue and TestIsFalse that are signals. When the inputs are changed and the code is run the node will send a signal on either depending on the content of the Test input.

Controlled execution

Normally the script is run when any of the inputs change, i.e. receive new data via connections, but you can also control when the function is run with the Run signal input. If this input has a connection the script will only run when a signal is received.


Script InputsHere you can list inputs to the function and specify types for the inputs as described above. For each input specified or simply used in the function code an input to the node will be created.
Script OutputsHere you can list outputs to the function and specify types for the outputs as described above. For each output specified or simply used in the function code an input to the node will be created.
RunSend a signal here to run the function. If this input has a connection the function script will not run when inputs are changed.


OutputsThe outputs defined in the function script.