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Array Map

This node takes an input array, runs a small map script on each item, and outputs the resulting mapped array. That is an array with new objects, each created in the mapping script.


ItemsThe array that should be mapped.


The mapping script used to map the objects in the input array to new objects in the mapped output array. The script should be provided in the following format:

FullName: () => object.first_name + object.last_name,
Age: 'years_old',

You can either provide a string with the name of the property that should be mapped with the syntax to:'from' which will simply rename a property taking the value directly from the input object. Or you can provide a mapping function that takes the object (of the type Noodl.Object) and the function should return the mapped value.

Sometimes you need to extract the Id of the objects you are mapping, this can be done in the following way:

Value: () => object.getId(),
Label: 'PhotoName',

Note that the objects that are created when mapping are new objects so they will have their own Id as well.



ItemsThe mapped array.
CountThe number of items in the mapped array (this will be the same as the input array)
ChangedA signal is emitted here when the input array has been modified which will trigger the Array Map node to remap the input and produce a new output Items.