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Selection Pills

A simple prefab component displaying a set of "pills" given an array of Options (the pill values) and Labels (what should be shown in the pills). The user can make a selection, one or many pills. It works very similar to the Multi Choice prefab.

There are a few important properties of the Selection Pills prefab component that we need to take a closer look at:

First, you specify a set of pill values in the Options property / input.


Optionally you can specify labels corresponding to each option value, if not the option value will be used as label. This is done via the Labels property / input.


Finally the Selection property / input also contains an array of string, but this time you should have it contain the option values that you want selected. Most often this is connect to a variable or object property. See the example below.

The component also have a corresponding Selection output, here you can see it contains the option values that the user have selected.