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Image QR Scanner

The Image QR Scanner node is used to scane an image for a QR code. It's typically used in conjunction with the Open File Picker node, to allow the user to upload a file.

When a QR code has been successfully identified, the node will send a Scan Successful event and the decoded string, otherwise Scan Failed.


Image FileThe image file to look for the QR code in. Typically provided through an Open File Picker node. The input should be of type File
ScanTriggers a QR code scan in the file provided in the Image File input.


Scan ResultThis output contains the decoded string when a QR code has been found and decoded. If no QR code is found this string will be empty.
Valid ScanA boolean that is true if the last scan was valid, otherwise false.
Scan SuccessfulSends a signal when a successful scan was done. The resulting scan is on the Scan Result output.
Scan FailedSends a signal when the latest scan failed, i.e. no QR code was found.