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Date To String

This node translates a date type input and outputs a string based on your specified format.

The format is specified as a string that can include the following special syntax: {date}, {month}, {year}, {hour}, {minute} and {second}.

  • {date} The numeric date part.
  • {month} The numeric month 1 = January, 12 = December.
  • {year} The numeric year.
  • {hour} The numeric hour, between 0..23
  • {minute} The numeric minute, between 0..60
  • {second} The numeric second, between 0..60

The default format is this:



FormatThis is where the format string is specified, see above for details.
DateThe date input to format.


*Date StringThe formatted date string.
Date ChangedSends a signal when the formatted date string changed.