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Library overview

Noodl has a lot of nodes available out of the box, but it can never include a node for everything. For that reason you can extend your project with specific modules or prefabs containing nodes and components to capture specfic functionality or UI controls.

The main difference between Modules and Prefabs is that modules install new nodes to the editor, while prefabs clones components built with the core nodes, and stores them as if you created them yourself. Prefabs can be imported as many times as you want, and each clone can be modified how you see fit.


Noodl's library of prefabs is optimized for quickly building great data rich applications. Use them as is, or make them your own by customizing their internal building blocks.

Popular prefabs

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Component for creating tables from data.


Component for creating dynamic forms.

Popup Modal

Contains a classic popup modal for simple confirm popups.


Contains Toast messages for success, warnings, errors, and neutral.

Email Verification

Cloud functions for email verification and reset password.


Modules extend your project in some way, most commonly by adding new core nodes to your project. These nodes are added to the Node Picker and work like any other core node in Noodl.

Popular modules

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Use this module to add maps and location visualisations to your app.


A module with components to build charts.


A module to help quering data using GraphQL.