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Visual Output Properties


Scroll PositionThe current position of scrolling in pixels.
Scroll StartSignal emitted when scrolling starts.
Scroll EndSignal emitted when scrolling ends.

Bounding Box

Screen Position XWhere this node is on the screen's X-axis, in px.
Screen Position YWhere this node is on the screen's Y-axis, in px.
WidthCurrent width of this node.
HeightCurrent height of this node.


Did MountSignal sent when this node has been mounted, i.e. has become part of the visual tree and is visible.
Will UnmountSignal sent when this node is about to be removed from the visual tree and become hidden.

Pointer Events

ClickTriggered when the node is clicked or tapped.
Pointer DownTriggered when the mouse is pressed or finger is down on the node.
Pointer UpTriggered when the mouse is released or finger is lifted on the node.
Pointer EnterTriggered when the mouse enters the node.

Hover Events

Hover StartTriggered when the mouse enters the node.
Hover EndTriggered when the mouse leaves the node.


FocusedTriggered when the node, or one if its descendants, is clicked, or if the Focused input is triggered.
BlurredTriggered when this node had focus and another node gained focus. Focus is only lost if the new focused node is not a descendant.


Child IndexThe place this node has in relation to its parent. E.g. if a Group has three children, then the first child will have Child Index 0, the second child will have Child Index 1, and so on.
ThisA reference to this node. Used in custom JavaScript nodes and more.