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One step above Variables are Objects, this is a global data model of Noodl objects. Each object is referenced with an Id and can contain a set of properties. You can access alla objects in your workspace through their Id and the Noodl.Objects prefix. Change a property of an object will trigger all connections from object nodes with the corresponding Id and property. You can learn more about objects and how you use them in your Noodl applications here.

// This will change the property MyProperty
// of object with id MyObjectId and trigger
// all object nodes (with that id) in your project
Noodl.Objects.MyObjectId.MyProperty = "Hello";

// Use this notation of that object id contains spaces
Noodl.Objects["Form Values"].input_text = "Whoops";

Noodl.Objects["Form Values"]["A property with spaces"] = 20;

// Reading an object property

// This will set all properties of the object you assign with
// to the object with id "SomeId"
// You cannot set the id property this way,
// that property will be ignored if part of the object you assign
Noodl.Objects.SomeId = { ... }