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Only available on the frontend
The Noodl.Navigation service lets you perform navigation from functions and scripts.


This function will show the provided visual component as a popup.

const result = await Noodl.Navigation.showPopup("#mysheet/mypopupcomponent", {
Message: "hello",

console.log(result.action); // The action used to close the popup
console.log(result.parameters); // The close parameters

The parameters are provided to the component as inputs, and must match the component input names.


This function will navigate on a given page router, identified with routerName, to a provided page, identified with targetPageName (the path to the page component), and give it the parameters provided in parameters.

Noodl.Navigation.navigate("Main", "#mysheet/DetailsPage", {
ObjectId: theClickedObjectId,


This function will navigate to a specific url path. You can provide query parameters as an object. The function will use the current path mode selected in the project, hash or path.

Noodl.Navigation.navigateToPath("/main/details/" + theClickedObjectId, {
query: {
filter: true,