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Only available on the frontend
The Component object is ony available in Function and Script nodes and it contains things related to the component scope where the Function or Script node is executing.

Component.Object is the Component Object of the current component and you can use it just like any other Noodl.Object. Most commonly this means accessing the properties of the object. When you set a property any Component Object node in this component instance will update accordingly.

In the example above the Function node called Update selection is modifying the Component Object to create a new array for Selection. This is done by accessing the Checkboxes array in the component object and filtering and mapping that array.

Component.Object.Selection = Component.Object.Checkboxes.filter(
(o) => o.Checked
).map((o) => ({ Value: o.Value }));

Component.ParentObject is similair but this object is the Parent Component Object, that is the Component Object of the parent component in the visual heirarchy. It is also used like any other Noodl.Object.

Component.RepeaterObject If this component is the template of a repeater this will contain the object of the items array corresponding to this specific component instance. That is the same object as if you set an object Id Source to From Repeater, as shown below.

Below is an example of such an object in a component.

If this component is not directly the template used by a repeater but instead a sub component, you can still access the object. The object will be resolved by following the instance parent chain of components until it reaches a component that is a repeater template instance.